Queen Kaahumanu

Valley History

Realizing the significance of the waterways from the mountains connecting to the ocean; the Hawaiians cultivated the valleys which provide rich resources, and created a land management system known as "Ahupua'a".

Our valley is named after one of the four main west Maui water sources, and the translation is "slippery waters".  Known to many as the "breadbasket" of Hawai'i, this ahupua'a had one of the most abundant resources from the mountain to the sea.  It provided sustainability for its own community and other neighboring ahupua'a, and is known to contain thousands of cultural sites.
1790-1795 A.D. Queen Ka'ahumanu's land here was known to be one of three Maui pu'uhonua  (a refuge place to be saved or protected from punishment).  

Cultural Values

'Ohana - A nurturing relationship between family and a community of people to survive in harmony.

Aloha'aina - A deep understanding between the relationship of land/water, man and creatures embedded with love.

'Olelo makuahine - A means of communicating history and culture through oral traditions of our mother language.


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