A Sustainable Lifestyle

Traditional clothes


Experience the art of Kapa making for the use of clothing material using the bark of a wauke tree. You will be able to observe the different stages and the actual plants and tools used for dyeing the cloth.

Building a traditional home


The Maui Hawaiian Village has one of the largest number of traditionally built Hale (shelter) in one location on the island of Maui. You will learn how to make the cordage from the Hau plant, and the art of lashing the wood together.

Handmade Hawaiian tools and weapons


Learn the customs of food preparation, including cooking in a traditional underground oven (imu). Sample hawaiian products harvested from the valley.

Pounding poi

Poi Making

Participate in the pounding of Hawai'i’s most abundant staple food, Kalo (Taro). Learn the importance and history of the plant that sustained life and provided food for an entire culture.

Preparing traditional food


Learn about an array of Hawaiian displays, including handmade tools and weapons. In this Hale, touch and feel each item which has a specific purpose and function.

Traditional Plants

Hawaiian Plants

Explore up to 40 varieties of Hawaiian plants and trees now growing in the Village that are part of the culture and lifestyle.

Experience Culture

Kids playing a traditional game

Hawaiian Games

Enjoy some fun with optional Hawaiian pastime games and activities.

Taro leaf

Olelo Makuahine

Hawaiian is a soft and melodic language. In early Hawaii, language existed only in spoken or oral (song) form. Throughout your experience, embrace Hawaiian phrases, values, and words that you will hear.

Hula dancing


Share in the stories expressed through the Hula (dance).

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